And a majority that aren’t election-related.

Electoral Services: I know they’re only doing their job, but… – Jennie Rigg on the last-minute rush to get nomination papers in, which many people who’ve been candidate and/or agents will read with a few knowing nods.
How to write a generic SF novel – Paul McAuley provides some useful advice: “No matter how technologically advanced your future society might be, its sociology and economics are basically those of the seventeenth century. Also its battle tactics.”
BNP Candidates 2011 – Lancaster Unity has discovered there’s a dramatic fall in the number of candidates the BNP are standing in local elections this year, though there is a rise in former BNP candidates standing for other nationalist parties.
Russian bloggers accuse authorities of cyberwar – Twenty years ago, which of these things would have seemed the most weird: the existence of sites like LiveJournal, Russian democracy or DDOS attacks?
72 mandatory pitstops per race – Duncan Stephen has a sneak preview of the latest plans to improve Formula 1

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  1. Thank you for the linkage!

  2. I was kind of disappointed by the early comments on the metafilter thread about McAuley’s post. They obviously hadn’t even heard of him, or understood the direction he was coming from. It mad me laugh to read some ignoramus say ‘This McAuley person obviously hasn’t read much SF’!

  3. I think it says something about the importance the BNP has to our political system that the fact that the party is in the final stages of disintegrating has to be kept secret. With no BNP to hate, everything would be out of balance.