STV less confusing than AMS?

Amidst all the discussion over the invalid ballot papers in Scotland, the Electoral Reform Society have noted something interesting. The problem appears to have been with the ballot paper for the Parliamentary election, while the Single Transferable Vote ballot paper for the local council elections was around five times less likely to be spoilt.

And one other thought about elections I had on Thursday – why is that amidst all the trials of e-voting, SMS-voting, all-postal ballots and the like, there hasn’t yet been a trial anywhere that I can recall of seeing what the effect of moving the polling day to the weekend would be?

2 thoughts on “STV less confusing than AMS?”

  1. This is something we must push and make clear – STV was not the problem, the ballot paper design and the top-up system were the problems.
    Already we have the anti-PR brigade claiming that STV is too complex (despite its use in NI…) and that this mess proves that…

  2. There were limited trials involving weekend voting in 2000, if I recall correctly, but it involved a limited number of ‘super polling stations’ at supermarkets and the like. One of the problems with it was that it was possible to vote in any ward at any polling station – in Manchester for example you could vote in 33 wards. As such the whole process was very complicated and there were massive queues.

    You’re right that a full weekend trial has never been attempted.

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