Why vote for me today?

First, I want to thank the voters of Castle Ward for giving me the chance to represent you as one of your councillors for the last four years. Representing the oldest part of Britain’s oldest recorded town has been a great honour, and I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to do it again for another four years.

I don’t claim that Colchester is perfect, but I do think the Lib Dem-led administration that has run Colchester Borough for the last three years has got things on the right track. By initiating a series of Fundamental Service Reviews when we got into power, we’ve been able to identify lots of efficiency savings that have allowed us to minimise the effects of the cuts on Colchester, while protecting jobs and front line services.

We’ll introduce new neighbourhood teams for street cleaning and street services, which will mean that Castle Ward has a dedicated team working to respond to residents’ complaints and problems. Our policy of cleaning all graffiti has already started making Castle Ward look better, and under the new system, the ward will have its own team.

I work hard to make Castle ward a better place for everyone, and I regularly report issues to the street services team to get them cleaned up. I also make sure I follow up on reports I make to ensure we get action – I’ve lobbied the County Council to get our potholes fixed quicker, and we’re finally seeing action there.

We’re investing in the town centre, and working with local businesses to make it better. One of the first decisions I made as a Cabinet member was to get our new Christmas lights, and working in partnership with businesses and other organisations means we had a great array of events running to compliment them – and there’ll be even more this year.

I want Colchester to be a place that attracts visitors. That’s why I pushed for us to spend money fixing the Roman Wall, and if I’m re-elected I’ll work to get a proper protection and management plan for it, so we make the most of it. I want to promote our other heritage sites, and will look to arrange a Heritage Summit to get all groups working together on a strategy to really make the most of our history.

I’ll also work to get more jobs in Colchester, and ensure the Council continues to support our small businesses. This year, we’ve opened the new Business Incubation Centre at Severalls, and now we need to work hard to get the funding for the Creative Business Hub in the town centre that will bring in new jobs and new investment for the St Botolph’s area.

I’ll also continue to work on making the Town Centre a better place at night. Colchester’s not alone in suffering the problems caused by the night-time economy, but we need to act to stop those problems spreading – I opposed the plans for a massive nightclub in Crouch Street, and will oppose the plans for late-night opening every night of the week at the old Hippodrome. I led a group of councillors from all parties looking into these problems, and I’ll make sure that the work we did isn’t forgotten about, and find ways to get a wider variety of events in the Town Centre at night, making it attractive to everyone again.

I’ll work to protect our nationally recognised arts venues, and ensure that the Council keeps funding and working with them to make a better Colchester for everyone. A large number of people in Colchester work in the creative and cultural sector, and it’s a vital and growing part of our local economy that we need to protect and nurture.

Finally, I promise to keep up what I’ve been doing for the last four years, and work to make life better for the residents of Castle Ward, championing your issues and resolving your problems. Along with my colleagues Bill Frame and Henry Spyvee, we’ll keep reporting back to you through regular Castle Focus newsletters about what we’ve been doing, and will always be accessible to you.

Castle ward is my home too – I’ve lived here for almost fifteen years, and want to make it a great place for everyone. Please give me your support today so I can keep doing that.