‘Son of the manse’ is one of those stock phrases that crops up in profiles of Gordon Brown, the assumption being that his ‘dour nature’ (another profile-writers cliche) and all sorts of things about him can be explained by the fact that his father was a minister in the Church of Scotland.

While that description has been used for years, the problem is that Britain now has another high-profile son of the manse to compare him to – David Tennant, who perhaps should exemplify that attributes of a SOTM even more than Brown, given that his father (Alexander McDonald – Tennant is just a stage name, if you didn’t know) rose to the heights of being Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Yet, beyond the fact that both are Scottish and supporters of the Labour Party, it’s hard to find many similarities between them.

I was tempted to try and find some other parallels between Doctors and Prime Ministers but they’re thin on the ground unless you take the regeneration from a domineering figure who rarely takes advice to a more vulnerable cricket-lover to be the Who team of 1980 accurately predicting the future replacement of Margaret Thatcher by John Major.