Worth Reading 47: Nothing to do with Star Trek

A Rocket To Nowhere – Setting out the case that the Space Shuttle programme has been a wasted opportunity. (via)
In the depths of some men’s minds – The Gaping Silence on some of the causes of the Norwegian mass-murder.
Western culture still very much there, say experts – The Daily Mash deadpans another direct hit. “The bus is filled with a variety of people. None of them try to undermine my values. They mostly just sit there.”
Bad Habits, Bad Days – Sophia McDougall on addiction and eating disorders (warning: “This post discusses addiction and eating disorders, particularly the dangerous appeal of the latter. If you are likely to be harmed by reading such content, please don’t read on.”)
Raised expectations – Brian Kellett dissects the latest piece of idiocy to emerge from the head of Liz Jones