Upcoming roadworks on Westway

Just to let people know that I’ve had notice from Essex County Council about roadworks that are going to be carried out on Westway (the A134) between the Balkerne Hill and Colne Bank roundabouts. These are some important safety works, centred around fitting in a proper barrier system on the central reservation, but they might cause delays while they’re happening.

They’re scheduled to start next Monday (the 9th January) – weather permitting – and will continue for about six weeks, though the work is only scheduled to take place during the day from 9.30am until 3.30pm, so it should hopefully not be causing delays during the rush hour.

One thought on “Upcoming roadworks on Westway”

  1. That’s all very well, but could they when putting the closure signs out that they make it clearer , as to what time is was going to close, as signs both ways, informing of these road closures, i had to slow down, to see when it was going to take effect, The closure board informing us -was clearer enough, but then it went into very light small writing, plus this is when accidents happen when one has to slow down in order to ‘ try’ and read when it closes and how many days or weeks. So in future use ‘BIG BLACK BOLD’ to fill in the gaps !

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