Something I forgot to mention last year was that I did complete NaNoWriMo again, though it was probably the most difficult time I’ve had of it in my four successes. This time I was a rebel in that I produced my 50,000 words in unconnected short stories rather than as a single novel. This was because I’d just finished an early draft of a novel and wanted to try out all the ideas that had sprung up in my head while I was writing that, ready to clear out my brain ready to go at the next draft.

(And don’t get too excited about me finishing a draft, as it’s still a really rough version and needs lots of work and a complete rewrite before anyone’s going to see it)

But the point of this post was to plug something else that arose from that. For the first time in my knowledge there were some NaNoWriMo write-ins here in Colchester (at 15 Queen Street) where a group of us got together to write, talk about writing, share experiences, drink tea and eat biscuits. As that was a positive experience for everyone who attended – and not just because of the biscuits – it was decided to carry them on as a regular thing and thus, Writenight was born. It’s a roughly fortnightly meeting taking place at 15 Queen Street, open to all and the first meeting of 2012 is tomorrow night. Why not come along if you want to know more?