I’m listening to Five Live, wanting to keep up with any news of Rasmussen’s withdrawal from the Tour de France, only to discover that one of the guests is Claire Fox from the Revolutionary Communist Party Living Marxism LM Institute of Saying Whatever Will Get Us On The Air Ideas, spouting the old nonsense about ‘why shouldn’t they all take drugs if they want to?’, though not taking that to the logical conclusion that, really, why should they do it all on bikes? Surely it would be quicker for them all to drive or fly along the route, or maybe even just take the Eurostar straight from Paris to London and declare themselves the winner. After all, why should the contestants let themselves be constrained by those outdated old rules that say they must follow a defined route using a bike?


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  1. Well, if the rules of the sport were to allow drug taking I don’t see why not.

    The case is that the rules do not, so they shouldn’t. Its just the rules. I don’t believe there should be any moral reason not to allow drugs, but for whatever reason the rules are clear.