Watching Richard Dawkins meet Derren Brown on The Enemies Of Reason documentary, I was struck by the idea that if it were fiction, they’d likely then use that as a basis to team up and fight irrationality-based crime.


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  1. They’d probably start of by having a big fight first. Maybe The Dawk would have stumbled upon Brown trying to get a bunch of idiots to rob a bank and got the wrong idea, thinking that he was using his powers for Evil.

    The Lee and Kirby rendition would have been an instant classic.

  2. if it were a film they have to drive a car into stuff, Do The Right Thing in front of a Stars and Stripes, and have some mild sexual tension over a pneumatic woman

    and they’d never fight irrationality-based crime, because that would mean being agin religion and they’re always having Gahd bless America in Hollywood filums