So that was my sixth Annual Council Meeting, and the last one before the Mayan apocalypse strikes us all. I expect the next one will involve the survivors of Colchester kneeling before our new alien lizard overlords and declaring them Mayor.

I’m sure the mighty Chronic will have the full rundown of what transpired, but suffice to say that it was a remarkably pleasant full Council meeting for once – as the annual meeting usually is – and we got through all the business relatively quickly. This means I’m now a member of the Planning Committee for the next municipal year, which is what I wanted to do. After being on the Cabinet and being on scrutiny and policy committees before that, I wanted to do something practical this year, and I’ve learnt a lot about planning from being cabinet member for it, so I should be able to contribute to the committee.

Still, it should be a nice uncontentious first meeting to help ease me in…ah, University car parking.