October Castle Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting

I realised that I used to notify people of upcoming Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) meetings on the blog, but as I did it through a lot of posts I’d scheduled a long time in advance, I didn’t notice when the pre-arranged posts ran out.

So, this is to let those of you in Castle Ward know that the next meeting of the Castle NAP is taking place next Tuesday (the 30th October) at 9.30am. The NAP exists to “address crime, anti-social behaviour and quality of life issues throughout the Castle Ward” and meets monthly. The members are councillors, police, residents, council officers and others. There’s more information on the Council’s website here, including the up to date Action Plan for the NAP.

If you live in a different ward, there are NAPs for other areas in Colchester, and you can find their details on this page on the Council website.