Rights for shares: Have your say

As the party leadership seems to have decided to acquiesce on the proposed new rules allowing employers to make employees give up employment rights in exchange for shares, it’s time to take some action. The Government has started a consultation on the proposal, and anyone can take part in it and submit their view. If you want to have your say, then go here and fill it in. As evidence of the fact they’re taking their time and considering the options trying to rush this through, you only have until the 8th November to respond.

The consultation asks a number of questions, and most of them are about the way the scheme could be implemented, rather than whether it’s a good idea or not, but it’s worth answering as many as you can as well as you can, just to ensure that they get a number of views. There’s no information on the site about what they’re planning to do with the responses, but I’m thinking that a Freedom of Information request sometime after 8th November could elicit some useful information about what sort of response was received.

I’d also suggest reading this post on this issue by Gareth Epps at the Social Liberal Forum. If you’re a Lib Dem member and you haven’t already, you can also add your name to this open letter to Nick Clegg and Vince Cable on the subject.