So, the News Of The World tells us:

BRITONS are leaving the country in record numbers—thanks to spiralling levels of IMMIGRATION

Yes, because of all the immigrants, they’re being forced to become immigrants and it is obviously in no way related to the fact that because of the EU and other changes globally, it’s now far easier (and cheaper) to go and live in another country. It’s clearly because they’ve been forced to do it and not because there are several prime time TV programmes extolling the virtues of going to live abroad and explaining how to do it.

It’s quite interesting to watch these people become what they fear, especially in Spain, where the pattern for so many British immigrants is to live in their own tightly-knit communities, not learning the language, avoiding paying taxes and expecting to be able to access local services in their own language.

And the final word goes to the couple interviewed by the NOTW on their reasons for leaving Britain:

There are also too many foreigners coming in and using up all our resources. We want a better life.

So, one can only assume that when they get to their new country of choice they’ll be off to live in some rural ecotopia where they strive endlessly every day to avoid harming the environment and use only renewable resources.