Castle Ward Day of Action

Castle Ward will be the location for Colchester Council’s next Day of Action on Thursday 29th November. This is where the Borough Council gets together with a whole host of other agencies to deal with problems in the area that have been identified by residents.

People have been out yesterday and today knocking on doors in the area to find out people’s views (I’ll be out later today!) but there are a lot of doors to knock on, and if you haven’t had the chance to respond to a survey at your doorstep, there’s an online consultation that you can respond to by clicking here. It’s a chance to let us know what your priorities are for the Day of Action, and what you want to see done in and around Castle Ward.

You’ll need to fill it in by the end of this week – Friday 2nd – so all the responses can be looked at before the plans for the Day of Action are made.