Worth Reading 78: Last chance for a revolution in a minute

The old yoke – The legacy of 1066 and speculation over whether the ‘green man’ seen in many English churches originated as an act of subtle rebellion against the Normans.
Men of aspiration – BenSix on the Pootercrats. “They are would-be intellectuals and sycophants: the hangers-on of men with bigger wallets; better friends and grander dreams for the advancement of their interests or ideologies. They sit on the advisory councils of think-tanks with swanky websites and portentous titles. They write columns that present ambitions of the powerful as if they are nothing more than splendid ideas. They jet off to conferences and might, if they’re lucky, have the chance to sit behind the jugs of water and say a few words.”
James Delingpole – not very good – One thing he is very good at, though, is as an example of logical fallacies, as Five Chinese Crackers explains.
Too late for two degrees? – A PWC report (pdf) on how we’re nowhere near making the level of cuts in carbon emissions needed to restrict warming to an average of 2 degrees C.
“Beecroft by the back door”: a practical guide to using the government’s “shares for rights” scheme to totally screw over your employees – Does exactly what it says on the tin, and points out just one way how ‘rights for shares’ can easily be abused.