Blood and Treasure:

It seems to me that the choice available over this is to outsmart yourself by trying to uncover the “real reasons” behind his resignation or take him at his word and push the issue.

The question that occurs to me is this: Who knew about this first – Nick Clegg or David Cameron? It seems that Clegg’s agreement to not stand a Liberal Democrat in the by-election was required for Davis to go ahead and do it, so did he get the agreement from Clegg first and then present it to Cameron as a fait accompli?


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  1. I’m thinking Clegg knew first. Which means he dropped a ball, we should’ve done a deal with one of ours doing the same, Huhne would’ve been prime choice.

  2. Clegg and the party can only select from the options on offer. Cameron and Davis are split on the issue. Davis alone could not have delivered a deal for no Conservative candidate if an LD resigns IMHO. Therefore it was Davis goes and no LD candidate or nothing. I prefer the first of those two options on offer.

  3. Whatever his motives, I think the issues he is raising – which concern more than just the 42 days bill – are vital.

    I hope he can articulate a genuine alternative to the pattern of ever-eroding liberties.