Once bitten, twice shy

A trailer for the film version of Watchmen has been released (large version, so may take a while to load) and it does look rather good. Mind you, I thought the trailler for V For Vendetta looked good, and the film turned out to be someone using the original comic series as toilet paper, so I’ll resist the urge to get too excited about it yet.

3 thoughts on “Once bitten, twice shy”

  1. I was fortunate, I’d not read V for Vendetta, and I haven’t read Watchmen yet (not got around to it). I love V the film, it’s great. Sure, it’s not the book, but it’s become iconic in its own right and the symbolism is being used for all sorts of stuff, especially Anonymous events.

    Opinion on the film does seem to be mixed—fans of the comic dislike it, but people who haven’t seen the comic but have otherwise similar tastes love it. I suspect the same might be said for Watchmen. Hope so, anyway—I shall avoid reading it now, and do so after the film instead, always a better approach I find.

    The trailer is at 85% DL now. this is Good.

  2. I’d love to hear in reasonable detail more on why you hated the V for Vendetta film. I loved the comic and whilst the film doesn’t reach its heights I thought it was pretty decent and by no means the bastardisation I’d expected.

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