As mentioned before, James tagged me with his ‘What three questions would you ask Alan Moore if you were sitting opposite him on a train?’ meme. While I suspect that in the real world, the first (and probably only) one would be ‘will you please stop staring at me like that?’ here are mine:

1) Having seen the ideas you proposed for Twilight Of The Superheroes, were you disappointed with the way the character of John Constantine was developed in Hellblazer?

2) If DC had allowed you to continue using the Charlton characters for Watchmen, do you think the final work would have had the same impact?

3) If parallel universes exist, there’s one where you and Frank Miller have swapped places since the mid-80s. How would you feel to have been responsible for 300?

James has already tagged everyone I can think of, but if you fancy having a crack yourself, please do so.