And lo, the internet melted down…

…as weeping fangirls and fanboys mourn the departure of David Tennant from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, tabloid journalists rejoice as they can fill pages with speculation over who’ll replace him, having been denied that opportunity when Eccleston left because the BBC announced Tennant was getting the job almost immediately.

James is quick off the mark to champion Simon Russell Beale, who would be an interesting choice for the role, as would current bookies’ favourite Paterson Joseph, though that has been the sort of market where a £50 bet would likely make someone odds-on favourite. Of course, rampant press speculation is rarely correct in picking the next Doctor, as Bill Nighy and Brian Blessed can attest to, so we should have some interesting months of speculation before Steven Moffat gets to start his tenure as Official Who Head Cheese by announcing his pick. As yet, there’s no confirmation to the rumours I’ve just made up that the decision will be heralded by a plume of white smoke rising from Upper Boat.

Eccleston and Tennant have made the role one that high-profile talented actors will be interested in, so it should be interesting to see how many of them use interviews in the coming months to confirm or deny interest in the job. If it was up to me, as well as Joseph and Beale, my shortlist would include Rory Kinnear, Adrian Lester, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rupert Penry-Jones and Damian Lewis, but that’s likely put the kiss of death on all of them…

3 thoughts on “And lo, the internet melted down…”

  1. A friend suggested James Nesbitt to me, and I’ve got to say that suggestion gets my wholehearted approval. I understood David Morrissey was a major contender last time around, so maybe he is another option?

    Whoever it is, the BBC have clearly stated that being the Doctor these days is a young man’s game, so forget anyone over 40.

    I’m gutted at David leaving (for reasons other than the reasons my sons have LOL), but on the other hand that will leave him free to shine in other TV and theatre classics. It’s not as if he will ever be “only” the Doctor.

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