Above us only dust

OK, so it’s probably from having read The Sky Road far too many times, but the news that two satellites have collided in orbit creating hundreds of pieces of debris gets me somewhat worried. The idea of this event starting an ablation cascade – where the debris created today damages other satellites, which creates more debris, which causes more damage, and so on until Kessler Syndrome kicks in and there’s no way out of the gravity well.

Here’s a thought – is this a possible explanation for the Fermi paradox? Unless civilizations take advantage of a very narrow window to get off the planet, do they end up trapped by their own rubbish?

2 thoughts on “Above us only dust”

  1. Interesting idea.
    The orbits of the debry would eventually decay and they’d burn up, but that would probably take a long time, too long perhaps.

    The Fall Revolution series is great though. I’m currently just finishing The Stone Canal for the first time, so I’m yet to get to The Sky Road, I am looking forward to it though.

  2. I think that the collision itself would slow the orbital speed sufficiently to ensure fairly rapid decay. In any event it appears that most of the debris had reentered within a few orbits.

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