And the first proper 2013 applications, with a ’13’ at the start of the reference number.

122211: Replace 1960’s style single glazed windows with pvc heritage vertical sliders, Castle Road.
122272: Alterations, demolitions and repairs to existing building including change of use to business centre and cafe, Queen Street.
122273: Listed building consent for 122272.
130013: Listed building consent to improve disabled access, Headgate Theatre.
130045: Removal and replacement of canopy and cladding, Sheepen Place.

Please note that I am a member of the Council’s Planning Committee for this municipal year. This means that I’m required to act in a ‘quasi-judicial’ manner with regard to applications before the Committee and as such, can’t make comments in favour or against planning applications as I may then have pre-judged them before they come to Committee. I can give advice on planning issues and what to do if you have a comment or objection. However, my ward colleagues Bill Frame and Jo Hayes aren’t members of the Committee, so they’re free to comment as they wish.


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