Ten years of blogging: 2008

2008 marked a milestone. Not that I’d spent five years blogging, but that it includes the first completely empty, devoid-of-posts month in my blogging career (earlier missing months did have stuff in them before server crashes took them out). There was blogging in all the other months, but fallow months will become more common in the retrospective from now on.

The lack of things I had to blog about is probably reflected in this post, where my blog came back from a couple of days away to a cry of ‘find something to write about.’ Most of the things I did blog about were just short links – I was still a year away from discovering Twitter – but I did point out the unintended ironies in the supposed reasons for emigration from Britain.

When I did write a long post in February, it was a review of an episode of Primeval, and my advocacy for a Stupid Stick-based objective ranking of TV drama.

Luckily for people living near American nuclear power stations, reality didn’t stick too close to The West Wing during the 2008 election campaign.

On the Watchmen movie, I was wrong and James Graham was right. (Though I’m sure he meant to say ‘visionary director Zack Snyder’) I doubled down on my error a few months later.

May saw another (broken) promise to blog more now the latest set of elections were over, but I did give a good account of election night, when Colchester was one of the few places in the country where the Tories lost seats.

What if the Scottish independence referendum had taken place on election day?‘ is a question to which the answer is ‘Nick, you’re really bad at speculating.’

In one short post I managed to mention the war in Afghanistan, rural locations in West Yorkshire, Survivors and the power of Trade Union leaders. Ken MacLeod popped up in the comments to help it all make sense.

Ah, the days when ‘David Davis for Freedom’ looked like it might have a point.

‘What three questions would you ask Alan Moore if you were sitting opposite him on a train?’ ‘Is this the oddest meme ever?’ was not one of mine.

After the bank bailouts, I realised that Man Utd were now being sponsored by an arm of the US Government.

This could have been the start of a whole ‘Questions To Which The Answer Is No’ meme. But it wasn’t.

Meanwhile, John McCain was being written by Frank Miller, while Barack Obama was being written by Aaron Sorkin and Maureen Dowd.

I’m still waiting for the TV versions of Red Mars and Carter Beats The Devil – and surely the Mars Trilogy could be SF’s Game Of Thrones? There’s at least three roles Sean Bean could play in the first series.

David Tennant announced his departure from Doctor Who. No one suggested Matt Smith as his successor.

My reaction to a historical US election? A quote from Leslie Nielsen on election day, and one from Kurt Vonnegut when the result was clear.

And finally, the year ended with the news that Adrian Mitchell – one of my favourite poets – had died.

That was it for a rather sparse year of blogging, I’m not sure 2009 was much better.