Jeremy Grantham, environmental philanthropist: ‘We’re trying to buy time for the world to wake up’ – Guardian profile of the billionaire investor and environmentalist, with some interesting things to say about the negative impact of ‘climate sceptics’ and how preventing climate change makes long-term business sense.
Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed – How much of what we deem necessary is only because we’ve been told it is?
The Fascism of Knowing Stuff – “There is a gaggle that seems to consider that expertise is an unfair advantage, that all opinions are equal; an idea that people who are experts in climate change, drugs or engineering are given unfair preference just because they spend much of their life studying these things. I do not think it is fascism that heart surgeons seem to have the monopoly of placing hands in a chest cavity and fiddling with an aorta.”
Pirates of the Parliament – How the very nature of the Pirate Party appears to be its fatal flaw preventing it growing after its initial spell in the limelight.
Where are all the right wing stand-ups? – Stewart Lee surveys the fields and explains why there aren’t many to be found.