Trapped in ermine

Remember when the Tories appeared to be in favour of reforming the House of Lords, and even electing it? Well, looks like that’s been sacrificed on the altar of their all-consuming hatred of Peter Mandelson.

Yes, the very idea that Mandelson might be allowed to – like almost anyone else in a free society – resign from one position to seek another is just so anathema to the Tories that they’ll attempt to stop it from happening. The fact that this just prolongs the absurdity of the existence of the House of Lords (where, let’s remember, Jeffrey Archer is still entitled to vote on the laws of the country) is neither here nor there – no principle is too high to be jettisoned in the desire to stop the people being able to vote on whether Peter Mandelson should be in Parliament.

I’m no fan of Mandelson, and I’m sure a Labour Party led by him would go down to defeat just as heavily as one led by Gordon Brown, but next time you hear Tories complaining about the ‘unelected’ Mandelson, do remind them that it’s in their power to remedy that situation.