Earlier this week, I was interviewed by the Colchester Gazette in my new role as group leader. Unfortunately, they didn’t put the article online, but as I own a copy of the paper, a pair of scissors and a scanner, here it is:
You can click on the image to see it in a readable size. The headline wasn’t exactly something I said, but otherwise I think it generally reflects the conversation I had with James.

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  1. Nick, it’s hard to disagree with anything you said in the article. It is striking how we rarely see any local candidates knock on our door any more. The literature is delivered less often too. I have been amazed that in some elections that we have not had any communication from some of the main parties (not true of your party). In some recent elections, I have found it hard to make a choice – for example the Police Commissioner’s election.

    I suppose the only way forward is to engage with the public in any way you can through face to face meetings, events, community involvement and online methods (as you do). Of course, it’s a 2-way street as well – the public has no right to moan when it doesn’t want to participate…