Had a Policy Review and Development Panel meeting tonight, which is a Council committee I quite like being on as it tends to achieve things – even if they are small – and the meetings don’t drag on for hours. More information on everything we discussed here, if you’re interested, including our rather lengthy Tree Policy. Yes, you are allowed to question how many trees were sacrificed to print copies of the policy.

But, the most important thing coming out of there is that it looks as though November will be a busy month, especially for me, as not only is the waste consultation – and I might write a long blog post about that sometime- now scheduled to happen then, but we should also be having another consultation about town centre developments, including the whole question of St Botolph’s and the bus station. Should be interesting, just a question of making sure we have proper consultations, not the usual ‘Do you agree with all our suggestions? Yes/Hell Yes’ type of one, or the Essex County Council-style one, where you consult, get 4,000 responses that disagree with you and then ignore them in favour of the ‘silent majority’.