I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, not helped by there being a big flurry of them in the past few days when I was away at party conference. But anyway, here are all the latest applications:

130472: Listed building consent for internal partition, Town Hall.
131580: Change of use from B1 offices to residential, Chapel Street North.
131737: Listed building consent for new canopy and chimney, North Hill.
131758: Advertisement consent for new signage, Moorside.
131787: Advertisement consent for new fascia, High Street.
131799: Refurbishment of buildings and new link bridge, Colchester Institute, Sheepen Road.
131805: Advertisement consent for replacement signage, North Station Road.
131807: Creation of tea area in garden of listed building, Trinity Street.
131808: Listed building consent for 131807.
131809: Removal of condition regarding opening times, Middleborough.
131819: Change of use from offices to flats, Bank Passage.