The irony might be amusing if it wasn’t affecting me and the people I represent but Lord Hanningfield, the leader of Essex County Council and a man who’s never shed away from grabbing any power that comes within a few miles of him, believes County Councils should have the power to hold quangos to account.

The proposals are interesting, and might be worth discussing, especially if any of the quangos have the power to react in the same way Hanningfield does whenever anyone tries to hold him to account or question him.

Oh, and the first comment on Hanningfield’s post is most amusing too.

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  1. […] I recently wrote a post based on an article on Conservative Home that appeared to have been written by Lord Hanningfield, the leader of Essex County Council. Having seen the latest in their series of articles by ‘Lord Hanningfield’, it’s clear to me that Conservative Home have clearly been taken in by a clever con, perpetrated by someone pretending to be Lord Hanningfield in order to post views that he would never have. […]