Nostalgia Tours

Having just got back into the habit of regular blogging, I’ve been rediscovering the habits that go along with it such as the occasional perusing of my Sitemeter pages (and I’m still Old Skool enough to be using them, not your newfangled Google Analytics or whatever) and noticed this afternoon that I was getting some incoming visits from Harry’s Place, which was doing a ‘Where Are They Now?’ look at some of the former denizens of their blogroll.

It was interesting to look back on those days when the small number of British political bloggers all seemed to know each other and others had yet to find their way to Blogspot. Indeed, back in those days, Iain Dale wasn’t yet a failed Tory candidate, let alone the Tory uberblogger.

Anyway, that post prompted me to take a look at what the Web Archive snapshot of this place said for June 2003 and when I wasn’t talking about the experience of Wolves being in the Premiership, I was asking the important question:

So, what comes next? I can already hear the first distant shouts of ‘we must use the power of the blog’ sparking up, but what communications methodology is next to be misinterpreted after that?

In the week where Gordon Brown Twittering is the main story on the news, maybe I don’t need to write any new posts, just recycle some old ones.

One thought on “Nostalgia Tours”

  1. I’m outraged to not be on the list.

    Just because I’m drunk and nominally Lib-Dem-ish, my flatemate’s take on us is:

    “is that [‘the leader of the LDs] Nick Clegg? Good, I’m glad I got that, but it’s hardly in their favour that I doubted it. Lembit is a bit embarrassing, but he’s far smarter than most of the politicians on TV. They should never have got rid of Charlie, because even though he wasn’t ever going to be PM he was everyone’s second choice, but even Menzies would’ve done better than Nick or Chris or whoever he is.”

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