With Oxford Airport having chosen to rebrand itself as London Oxford Airport – and the real surprise in that story is that Ryanair aren’t involved in this latest attempt to redraw the map – are we nearing the point where we might as well just rebrand every airport in the country with ‘London’ at the start of its name? After all, a fast Intercity train from Birmingham International might get you to the heart of London even faster than venturing onto the Tube from Heathrow.

But, I suspect the conflating of London and Oxford as a single location might just be the key to pushing a visitor to Britain over the edge into a full-on gibbering breakdown, possibly when they get lost in the streets of London Oxford and find that the fabled Tube has four wheels and travels on the road.

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  1. It’s not even in bloody Oxford. If they want to call it London anything they should call it London Kidlington Airport.

  2. Mrs Tilton @ 2009-08-17 22:47

    I for one look forward to flying into London Papa Westray for the next puffin-shoot.