Look what I made

I discovered how to make videos on the computer, so now I’m having a world of fun while I should be doing other things.

Anyway, if you want to see what I can do with a Mercury Rev song and a Doctor Who episode then click here. (More information and download options here.)

7 thoughts on “Look what I made”

  1. Hmm, cool, if rather less Susan Cooper than I’d imagined 😉

    All nicely selected, and well-timed – I particularly enjoyed the Dalek saucers to “The stars are in position,” and the rousing theme for the TARDIS and hologram.

    The only slight niggle I’d have is the shape; made in widescreen, it tends to look a bit squashy.

    Very effective, all told… How about trying a Nuremberg / Socialist Realism style mix of Mr Blair and Cybermen on the march to the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Integral’, as suggested by Millennium and I…?

  2. Alison – you had a comment here, but I accidentally checked ‘spam’ instead of ‘approve’ when it came up in the list. Sorry!

  3. I’ll overlook it just this once 🙂

    Just to reiterate, I really liked your choice of scenes, from my favourite episode

  4. There you are, and now you should be able to post without it going into the spam queue.

    Alex, unfortunately I only have Windows Movie Maker, and I can’t see a way for that to save films in anything other than 4:3, so everything gets squashed up. At least, I assume that’s the only way it can be done, as I can’t see a way to save in a 16:9 format.

    And I’ll think about your suggestion though I’m currently trying to combine The Flaming Lips and The End Of The World.

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