Yes, I’ve made another video. This time, it’s the Flaming Lips on Platform One for Do You Realize (It’s The End Of The World)?. (Download information here)


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  1. Which magical software package do you use to make these, Nick?

  2. Windows Movie Maker – no, seriously. It’s actually very easy to use and to learn what to do – the hard work comes with working out which clips to use and choosing where and when to cut. But, you learn stuff about direction, mainly that Euros Lyn seems to use a lot more cuts within scenes, while Joe Ahearne moves the camera around a lot more.

  3. […] Iain J Coleman (iainjcoleman) wrote,@ 2004-12-14 15:29:00      ID Cards and the strange death of liberal toryism So Michael Howard has come out in favour of ID cards. This may come as a bit of a shock to anyone out of touch enough to imagine that the Tories were either (a) against the encroaching power of the state over individuals, or (b) a functional opposition. Personally, I’m only surprised at the surprise.Rather than give a detailed rundown of why ID cards are just an expensive way of making lots of serious problems worse, I’ll point you to this excellent series of posts by Chris Lightfoot:What’s On The Cards?Is All Hope Now Lost?VariousYet More on Bloody ID CardsHeadcases And Bad LawsSleepwalking Into Idiocy AgainSomeone Had BlunderedPapers DispleaseIf you want to oppose this policy, you could start by going over to No2ID and signing their petition. Supporting these guys would also be really helpful.As for the sorry state of the Tory party, I can’t put it much better than Nick:So the question of why they’re backing them remains unanswered – if they’re not going to do anything to solve the supposed problems of crime and immigration, then why are they supporting them? And, saving the Government the job of having to come out with a new spin, Blunkett (or whoever’s Home Secretary in January) can just come out and say ‘You voted for them, so you can’t really criticise it now, can you?’And talking of Blunkett, has anyone suggested to Michael Howard that when you’re the opposition and the Home Secretary is under pressure, one of the best ways to help keep him under pressure is to vote against rather than for one of his flagship bills. I know the whole ‘opportunist’ thing must sting a bit, but perhaps this is a time when you should maybe be doing your job as Leader of the Opposition and, well, opposing the Government.But for all those Tories who like to proclaim that their party is the one that believes in freedom for the individual, reducing the power of the state (remember that whole ‘I believe that the people should be big. That the state should be small’ thing? Or is that just so eleven months ago?) please feel free to continue saying it. I’ll do my best to try and not laugh in your face if you do. (Though Conservatives who do sincerely believe this might want to write to their leader and remind him of his own views and also consider joining NO2ID) Or, as Teresa Nielsen Hayden put it, just because you’re on their side doesn’t mean they’re on your side.(Post a new comment) espresso_addict 2004-12-14 12:08 pm UTC (link) Thanks for the links, Iain.(Reply to this) sugoll 2004-12-14 03:49 pm UTC (link) I haven’t read any of the links, it being late and me being tired (and lazy), but generally my response to ID cards is to think of all the posts in comp.risks over the past two decades which come down to US programmers/administrators using their universal SSN as a key identifier in computer systems.Once you’re uniquely identified, it’s natural for all sorts of computer systems to use that. Once they do, any screw-up in the system – whether data entry or programming – means a nightmare for anyone trying to prove the “Computer” is wrong.(Reply to this) Log in now.(Create account, or use OpenID) […]