Seeing it in the paper today reminded me that I should mention the consultation that’s currently going on regarding the plans for restoration and development of Castle Park. There are lots of ideas for what we can do with the park, but as the Heritage Lottery Fund decided it was too nice already to need a grant from them, we can’t afford all of them. So, you can now read the various plans and ideas and fill in the questionnaire to help the Council decide what should be the priorities for the money we do have to spend on the park.

You can also take part in the consultation at Angel Court, the Visitor Information Centre and the cafe in Castle Park. There’ll also be information and discussion sessions in the Park (on Hollytrees Lawn) on the afternoons of Saturday 29th August and Saturday 12th September. Having typed that last sentence, I realise that means those afternoons have now most likely been doomed to experience heavy rain. Sorry.