I’m not likely to be at Liberal Democrat Conference this year, so I’ve been spared the task of reading through any policy papers. But, whatever my gripes may be with some party policy papers, I’m sure we’d have to go some way to achieve the levels of idiocy plumbed by the BNP with the proposals on single mothers going to their conference. More discussion of the ins and outs of the policy – and some of the process by which the BNP determines its policy, including a benhind-closed-doors conference – are on the Lancaster Unity website.

As you might expect, it’s a rather staggering piece of stupidity from the BNP. According to them, the problem of housing shortages and much more can be solved by effectively imprisoning any unmarried woman under 21 who gets pregnant. There’s no mention, of course, of what happens to these women after they turn 21 and are allowed out of NotPrison with their children, nor is there any mention of the men (of whatever age) who surely played some part in the conception process, though one assumes that the staff of the NotPrisons would be happy for them to remain free, in order to ensure that they kept their jobs looking after a steady wave of pregnant teenagers.

Of course, given that it’s an insane plan based on a kneejerk reaction to create a non-solution to a perceived problem, there’s every chance it might already be being considered at some level of the Government.