The first major judgment of the General Election campaign has been made, and although it was conducted with an obviously flawed system, I’m not going to challenge the result. Yes, according to the list here, I’m ranked 45th amongst journalists and commentators on Twitter based on some election-related algorithm, so I’m not going to challenge their findings for now.

More interesting on that site might be the listing by constituency of the various candidates with Twitter accounts, both to help find them but also to stoke pointless Twitter feuds between them to see who works hardest to get their ranking up. There’s five weeks to go to the election, we need to find some ways to amuse ourselves.

Talking of constituencies, it appears we’re going to have at least six candidates in Colchester this time around (we reached 9 in 2010) of whom four are the same as last time. Is there any other constituency where the Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative and UKIP candidates are all the same as last time? (There’s no five out of five because there’s a new Green candidate this time around)

But who’s the sixth? According to this, it’s Ken Scrimshaw of the Christian People’s Alliance, and beyond that your guess is as good as mine. The CPA is one of those fringe parties that has been around for a few years. According to Wikipedia, it emerged out of the old cross-party Movement for Christian Democray, and I recall their 2000 London Mayoral candidate Ram Gidoomal who actually finished ahead of the Greens in that election. Since then, though, the two parties have taken different courses and while the Greens have made it to Parliament, the CPA’s sole success was a couple of councillors in Newham in the last decade and nothing since.

Judging by their website, either God has forbidden all developments in web design since around the year 2000, or they’re not that big a party. The policies section doesn’t contain anything completely out of the ordinary at a first glance, and seems to be vaguely centre-rightish policies with a strong Christian flavour. It seems to be more a party for people with religious objections to same-sex marriage than one seeking to implement a British theocracy. Maybe I shall find out more if I get a leaflet from them.

Two days in, and only had one election leaflet delivered so far, but I don’t think the real flood will come until after Easter weekend. Royal Mail freepost deliveries should start coming in earnest after Easter when nominations have closed. If you can’t wait for them to be delivered, I would recommend where people have been uploading leaflets from around the country, giving an idea of what’s going on in other places. I’m trying to upload the ones I get, and it’s simple to do if you want to join in and upload yours.

Not seen any election posters yet, with houses and gardens on any route I’ve travelled in the last couple of days remaining unadorned. Even the one Tory billboard that was in place last week has disappeared to be replaced by a beer advert which is probably symbolic of something. Not sure what it might be yet, though.