Pretty much a day off for everyone on the campaign trail today. Though I’m sure there were many people out there eagerly delivering leaflets, there was no large scale campaigning and with even Andrew Marr allowed to take Easter Sunday off, there weren’t even the rounds of the Sunday political talk shows to keep politicians busy and away from their families. Make the most of it, as barring any major disasters or high-ranking deaths in the next few weeks, it’s likely the only break from the campaign we’ll get until May.

So, there’s very little to speculate on, but I have found one interesting piece of trivia that might amuse some of you. I’m sure most of you are aware of Conservative Party Chairman Grant ‘1234‘ Shapps and some of his online antics using different names. Since 2005, Shapps has been the MP for the constituency of Welwyn Hatfield in Hertfordshire. One of Welwyn Hatfield’s neighbouring constituencies is St Albans, and in 2005, the Liberal Democrat candidate there was one…Michael Green. I very much doubt it was Shapps trying to hedge his bets with a second constituency and party, but it’s one of British politics’ odder coincidences.

For those of you (Sid and Doris Policy-Bonkers) awaiting my thoughts on the Why Vote books, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Rather than do them as part of these main election posts, they’re going to get one to themselves because there are a lot of common points across them that will be better handled that way. Besides, I’ve got some lamb in the oven that’s almost cooked, and my time would be better spent working on the accompaniments to that than writing more here.

Enjoy your eggs, and I’ll be back tomorrow, when there’ll hopefully be some news and amusing tales from this year’s election to write about.