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So, a question for my fellow bloggers – Lib Dem and otherwise – that arises from my time as a Councillor: how common are Have Your Say policies in councils?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Here in Colchester, one of the first items on the agenda of all public Council meetings is Have Your Say, where any member of the public can come along and speak for up to three minutes on whatever they want, though it’s usually a statement and/or question on a current issue. As well as the general Have Your Say slot, there’s usually the option at meetings for the public to speak at the start of discussion on a specific agenda item, if their comments are just about that.

I’m just wondering how many other Councils have have something like that – for instance, I know Essex County Council doesn’t – and if you don’t, why aren’t you pushing to get something like that on your agendas?

And for those of you in Colchester, click on the read more link below for when the next Council meetings are, or just visit this page.

Planning, September 3rd
Cabinet, September 9th
Finance and Audit Scrutiny, September 22nd
Policy Review and Development, September 23rd (the date on the website is wrong, so I’ll be chasing that up to get it amended!)
Local Development Framework, September 28th
Strategic Overview and Scrutiny, September 29th
Licensing, 7th October
Full Council, 14th October

All meetings are in the Town Hall at 6pm.

One thought on “Have Your Say”

  1. We have Public Questions as the first item on Full Council agendas – essentially same rules as written council questions – you submit a week in advance and then get a brief supplementary to the written answer you get.

    Lewisham doesn’t allow people to make statements, though I know Southwark have a system like that called ‘deputations’.

    Scrutiny doesn’t have a formal public slot, but Chairs usually allow members of the public to contribute if they have an interest, and of course we take evidence from community groups etc.

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