Ban this post

I’m in agreement with Anton Vowl on this:

I’m a libertarian at heart. By which I don’t mean “I’m one of those people who calls himself a libertarian to mask and justify his inherent racism”, or “I’m one of those people who calls himself a libertarian because ‘extremely right wing’ doesn’t sound as good” or anything like that. No, I mean libertarian in the sense that it used to be used before the so-called politically incorrect brigade turned it into a confusing term that can just as easily mean “free thinker” or “total arsehole”: essentially, that adults should be allowed, as much as possible, to do whatever they like, so long as it doesn’t do harm to other people.

And he’s talking sense in the rest of the post. Except for the bit about Casualty, obviously.

2 thoughts on “Ban this post”

  1. If in agreement with freedom how do you justify remaining in a wholly illiberal party where either supporting economic liberalism or indeed opposing racial murder are considered “incompatible with membership”.

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