Colchester 2015 General Election result

I’ve spotted a few people landing here after googling for the result, so here it is.

Will Quince (Conservative) 18,919
Bob Russell (Liberal Democrat) 13,344
Jordan Newell (Labour) 7,852
John Pitts (UKIP) 5,870
Mark Goacher (Green) 2499
Ken Scrimshaw (Christian People’s Alliance) 109

That’s a 100% swing for me from contented to gutted.

The local elections aren’t counted until later this afternoon, and I’ll post those results as I get them – they’ll also be on the Colchester Borough Council website, and I recommend Colchester Chronicle’s website and Twitter feed for live coverage. Click here for the Colchester Council local election results.

5 thoughts on “Colchester 2015 General Election result”

  1. My commiserations Nick, I too am gutted

    Hoping that the Council elections will show a different story, where people will have voted with their hearts rather than their brainwashed numbskulls

    The battle’s over – the war’s just beginning

  2. A terrible shame – showing for all to see the mindless damage Nick Clegg has done to our party, our people and most importantly our values.

  3. if you lie lie, lie, lie and lie again do not expect to be re-elected good buy Bob hope you now know never to lie again.

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