The Lib Dems should be radical in any appointments to the Lords

House_of_Lords_chamber_-_toward_throneMark Pack has news of a call for any Lib Dem appointments to the House of Lords to be used to bring more diversity to the Upper House.

However, I’m reminded of a suggestion I made a couple of years ago, and want to develop that further. What we should do as a party is quite simple: announce that we’re only appointing women to be Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords until we have parity in our group there. Obviously, I’d like to see the Lords abolished and replaced, but until such time (at least five years, as things stand) as that happens we should be taking steps to make our representation within there as representative.

I’d also suggest something else: our selected representatives should be people who’ve never been in Parliament before. Too much of the House of Lords consists of what’s little more than a comfy retirement home for ex-MPs (including those rejected by the electorate) and we should be casting our net much wider if we want to create a radical and diverse group in the Lords. Just putting more former MPs in there doesn’t do anything to promote a wider range of voices in the Lords, and we should be taking what few opportunities we have to do things differently.

3 thoughts on “The Lib Dems should be radical in any appointments to the Lords”

    1. No – the party had a Peers Panel from which appointments to the Lords were supposed to be made, but that appears to have fallen by the wayside. I believe Jenny Jones was nominated by the Greens to the Lords after she topped their internal election for it.

  1. Lets open this open to the Party members to vote on who should be included & their order of appointment – and refresh that list every 3-5 years???

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