Leadership candidates respond on the big question: Cat person or dog person?

So, this all started when Chris Brooke decided he wanted to know which side of the ‘cat person/dog person’ the Labour leader candidates fell on:

He then tweeted all five Labour candidates to find out their position on this, but is yet to get an answer.

Deciding that this was an issue that had importance across parties, I decided to ask our candidates their stance on this:

And answers came back very quickly:

(Sympathy to Norman, as I know how sad it is when a cat dies)

But there we have it – very quick answers from our candidates, while Chris is still waiting for the Labour ones to respond. Speculation about hastily convened focus groups attempting to work out which pet is more aspirational is probably not misplaced.

However, the last word should go to YouGov, whose profiler (thanks to Matt Sanders for the link) tells us that people who like Norman Lamb are more likely to be cat people, while those who like Tim Farron are more likely to have a dog. For once, it seems polling may have accurately captured public opinion.

4 thoughts on “Leadership candidates respond on the big question: Cat person or dog person?”

  1. Oh well, I’m a Farron supporter and I have a cat. I’ve nothing against dogs – some of my best friends are dogs – but I far prefer cats. This just goes to show how the Liberal Democrats are the party of diversity.

  2. Looks like I’m a male aged 18-24 AGAIN. I note that third among likely hobbies is “sleeping”. Does Tim do enough to cater to the lazy bugger demographic, I wonder? He’s such a high energy person…

  3. Also, interesting that Tim’s supporters tend towards young, and Norman’s tend towards old…

  4. I support Tim Farron.

    I am a cat person (originally) who married a dog person, so now I live in a liberally mixed pet household, our fur babies…

    My bias… We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, pictures of which are visible for inspection on my Instagram: Instagram.com/MikeBeckettEsq

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