An academic perspective on the Liberal Democrat collapse

In today’s ‘glad I didn’t submit my dissertation yesterday’ news, Nicholas Whyte has drawn my attention to an interesting article from the upcoming Parliamentary Affairs supplement on the General Election. “From Coalition to Catastrophe: The Electoral Meltdown of the Liberal Democrats” is by David Cutts and Andrew Russell, academics who’ve written lots on the party over the years (Russell’s the co-author of Neither Left or Right: The Liberal Democrats and the electorate, which has been very useful for my dissertation) and available to read for free. I look forward to watching people read it and then playing the ‘my anecdote trumps your academic data’ game…

In dissertation news, I am 99.9% complete, and just have to convert a couple of spreadsheet data tables into text format to add them into the document. Once done, and probably when the deadline’s passed, I’m going to post it in section son the blog as I think a lot of will find it of interest, and it’ll hopefully spark a debate. So look out for that either before the weekend or in a couple of weeks, depending on if I manage it before or after I go on holiday.

2 thoughts on “An academic perspective on the Liberal Democrat collapse”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this piece, it made a fascinating read.

    Good luck with the dissertation! Before posting it online, do consider revising it for publication as a journal article – after all the work that goes into a dissertation, it’s a pity to let that go to waste!

    1. Thinking about it, I’ll probably just post a summary of the key arguments rather than the whole thing, as it’s probably asking for people to pick up on minor details and challenge them via the power of anecdote.

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