Worth Reading 181: Poisoning Ptolemy

With the dissertation over, I can get back to blogging some more. So here, have some links:

Not such a good idea: Why you should think twice about online voting – a good article setting out the flaws with online voting.
I work in PR – and we’re all terrible people – Also, water is wet. But this is an interesting insight.
Hard to be a god – An interesting essay from Ken Macleod on the intersections of SF and politics.
If the Hinkley C nuclear deal looks astonishing, that’s because it is – The strange economics of nuclear power are getting stranger.
My current reckons on Tim Farron and the Lib Dems – A good summing up of the current state of the party by James Graham.

One thought on “Worth Reading 181: Poisoning Ptolemy”

  1. Nice roundup.

    Nuclear power occupies a very strange space in the psyche of our politics.

    We do desperately need alternatives to imported oil and gas – but it’s very odd how nuclear has become a totem for the anti-renewables crowd – esp. because they are largely the “private sector” crowd and nuclear is just too big and too long-tail risk to happen without government backing…

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