Media star

It’s not on the web, so you don’t get to see the lovely picture of me, but I was in my local paper today (the Colchester Evening Gazette). Unsurprisingly, it was about the walk, and accompanied by a picture of me in the back garden with a rucksack and a couple of walking poles.

Also thanks to Tim for the plug for the walk today as well. If I knew anything about Blogads, I’d make one myself to plug it, but as I don’t and I’m not sure if I’ve got the time to learn before I go, anyone who wants to make something to plug the walk, please go ahead and do it!


3 comments untill now

  1. We are in France from 22nd July for two weeks, which may mean we can’t be much help. But if you are going anywhere near the Midlands from 5th August onwards, please let me know. I can help with transporting your pack by car to a useful place, or we can put you up for the night if you are going past Coventry, and I actually wouldn’t mind a bit of a walk as you said you’d like company. Just let me know. I have a feeling we might be back too late to be of any use though :-(

  2. Don’t worry – I won’t be getting to the Midlands until September time. I won’t be coming past Coventry as such – I’m likely to be going Lichfield-Birmingham-Redditch as I pass through that section, but I’ll be glad of the company or help on any stage through and around there!

  3. Ah. I think I may have had a somewhat unrealistic expectation about how quickly you might zoom through the landscape. I assume this blog, as maintained by Ben, will be the point of contact to offer help and stuff, and figure out where and when you will be in the area?