Worth Reading 187: Californian murder

Workplace coercion – “Why are people who profess to be classical liberals apparently so indifferent to workplace tyranny?” asks Chris Dillow.
Why the 2016 Election Will Be One of the Most Pivotal Moments of Our Time – It’s fun to laugh at the clown car the US election resembles at the moment, but there are important things at stake.
Claims of the increasing irrelevance of universities are ideology masquerading as evidence – Three political science professors present “the difference between lazy journalism and quality social science research: the former pontificates, the latter take the time and trouble to create and test the evidence.”
In support of a universal basic income: introducing the RSA basic income model – The RSA has come out in favour of a basic income and presents a very interesting model of how it could be implemented.
Do candidates dream of electric sheep? – This is the age of the American uncampaign, where candidates routinely evade election laws through ridiculously funded Super PACs that are ostensibly not part of their official campaign.