In memory of Martin Hunt

Unfortunately, another commitment elsewhere means I can’t attend Martin Hunt‘s funeral and memorial today, but as his family have requested donations to St Helena Hospice in lieu of flowers, I wanted to mention something I’ll be doing in memory of him in a couple of months.

Pier-to-pier-website-bannerSt Helena Hospice are staging a Pier To Pier walk on the Essex coast in April, on a route between Clacton and Walton piers. I’m intending to do the full fourteen mile there and back walk (not sure which one I’ll be starting and finishing at) so this is fair warning that I will be asking for sponsorship and donations as the time comes near, and every bit of support will be appreciated. It’s not on the scale of my previous charity walking challenge, but this is one to fill a day rather than an entire summer.

In the meantime, please think of Martin’s family today.