The whole ‘save General Election night’ thing appears to be getting the full allocation of its nine-days-wonder (and will no doubt get the same when the actual election comes) but while it fails to generate any real excitement in me, a thought:

Why isn’t the public announcement of election results actually public anymore in so many places?

Obviously, many declarations can be seen by the public on TV, or heard on the radio, but from my recollection of most recent elections, the actual declaration takes place in the same venue the count was taking place which usually isn’t open to the public. Just think of all the declarations you’ve seen in recent years, and I’m sure they’ll all have been in made in some municipal leisure centre to crowds consisting entirely of party workers who’ve been up all night.

Think back to years ago, though, when the public declaration usually was public, with the Mayor and candidates cramming onto a balcony of the Town Hall while a crowd below eagerly awaited hearing the result for the first time. That was when election nights were something for the people, because that was when the entire process wasn’t shut away from them. Talk of ‘saving’ general election night seems to be a bit late, given that the magic went long ago for the majority of the people.