A change of plan

I blame Transport Direct. I’ve not really been paying too much attention to the news beyond the Israel/Lebanon stuff in the past week, but I have been using Transport Direct to check train times for getting up to Scotland, so assumed that as I’d been specifically checking for the 21st and 22nd July, there were no expected problems on those days. After all, you assume they’d warn you of the possibility of strike action disrupting all services and making it highly unlikely that you’d get north of Leeds on Friday, wouldn’t you?

So, I’ve had to delay the start of the walk by two days – I’ll now be travelling up on Sunday and Monday and starting Tuesday. The one main benefit of this change is that it means I don’t have to drive across to the Midlands today in some of the hottest weather of the year. However, it’sstill rather annoying as I’ve been mentally preparing myself to start on Sunday and now have to hold on for another couple of days – a case of walkus interruptus, I guess.


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  1. Strike over, you can go now.

  2. Sod’s Law, of course, says that I’d find that out just after I finished rearranging my plans…

  3. Any idea when you’ll reach Fife/Edinburgh? I’d happily join you for a bit if it’s weekendy.

  4. I’m aiming to reach Edinburgh around the 18th – my birthday – though I’ll be coming from the west after finishing the West Highland Way, and not through Fife. I’ll probably be taking that weekend off for a break, though.

  5. Same question here Nick; if you can give us an ETA for Devon bits and/or Bude that’d be cool

  6. Mat – Devon/Bude etc should be late September, if all goes according to plan.

    Generally on this point, what I’ll try and do on Saturday is post up an approximate itinerary of where I’ll be in the first week day-by-day and a rough guide of where I’m aiming to be week-by-week after that. Hopefully, assuming I can get some internet access every so often, I should be able to update that about every week after that, but Ben should be posting updates anyway, so you’ll be able to keep track.

  7. Good luck for the start Nick. I look forward to meeting you on on the Black Isle stage of the walk.

  8. Just wanted to say good luck – with using the creaking train service in this country that is to get to the start.The walk will be a dodle compared to that part of the journey!

    from your Lib Dem Organiser in Colchester