The UK scores worst in electoral integrity in Western Europe. Here’s why – Good analysis by Democratic Audit of all the flaws in the UK’s electoral processes.
It’s Confederate Heritage Month! Day 1 – For as long as I’ve been blogging, David Neiwert’s Orcinus has chronicled the dark underbelly of the American Right. This is an excellent post (with images that some may find disturbing) of the history of lynching in the American South.
Tories & Communists – Chris Dillow on the connection: “Conservatism and Communism have much in common. Both support inequalities of power which deny autonomy and self-determination to workers.”
The girl who stole my book – How an out of print crime novel was plagiarised to become an Amazon bestseller.
An Evil Genius – How social media makes it easy to be in the presence of something you hate. “Every dipshit, almost everywhere in the world, can now speak where they can be heard. It’d probably be a good idea for us to work out how to deal with that, sooner rather than later.”