We need a new TV series in the mould of Dallas or Dynasty. Just as they burst out of a recession economy to wow the world with glamour, glitz and conspicuous consumption, surely something similar would work today, given the audience a dose of high-end trash to amuse them in times of austerity.

What’s needed is a series that combines fabulously rich people with the machinations of giant global businesses. Something that features a set of glamorous and luxurious locations spanning the globe.

Then, of course, you just need some ridiculous plots, things so outlandish that no one would believe them if they happened in real life. Add in some bizarre personal habits of the leading characters, and of course, some weird feuds that no one can even remember the origin of.

So, all they need to do is get rid of the focus on the racing, and Bernie Ecclestone might have found himself another nice little earner…